About Us

Our story begins in 2016, when Custom Expressions was founded by seasoned entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast, Holly Ross. 

A Florida transplant, Holly began her career as a mortgage broker, but immediately showed a flair for marketing, quickly climbing the corporate ladder to earn the title “Director of Business Development.” This was when the entrepreneurial spirit began to take over. Over the next few years, Holly cut her teeth as an entrepreneur, wearing many hats and founding her own consulting business, Persona Elite, LLC.

A few years down the road, Holly would decide to take a leave of absence from the professional world to raise her newborn children. However, it didn’t take long for Holly to grow stir crazy. The moment she felt able, Holly went about jump-starting her second entrepreneurial venture, Custom Expressions LLC, designing, creating, and selling custom clothing.

Business was good! 

In 2017, Holly opened her first local shop, inside the Franklin Shops, in Fort Myers, Florida. It wasn’t long before Custom Expressions absorbed another local fashion retail business, now known as Luv2Shop. Under Holly’s management, this new venture leveraged its resources to shift its focus towards online sales, with the mission of making shopping from home as easy as possible.

At Custom Expressions and Luv2Shop, we abide by the golden rule: to treat others as we would like to be treated. Accessibility and customer service are important to us, so we encourage all of our customers to reach out and let us know how we're doing. We consider it our responsibility to make your shopping experience easier, and your feedback helps us enormously in accomplishing that. Our CEO, Holly Ross, handles as much correspondence personally as she can.


Holly Ross is the Founder and CEO of Custom Expressions and Luv2Shop. She is an experienced entrepreneur and a rising star in Florida’s fashion industry, but she has traveled a long road to get where she is today. She often recites the words of her Grandfather, who told her, “Holly, you can have anything you want in life—all you have to do is work for it!” Indeed, she came from humble beginnings, but held those words dear to her heart as she moved to Florida in 2003 to complete her college studies.  Though Holly was strong-willed and ambitious, she was still in the process of discovering her passions in life. As a short-term career choice, she studied to obtain her mortgage broker’s license, a decision that would ultimately help her gain the direction she was searching for. At her first job, it quickly became apparent that she had a natural knack for marketing. She climbed the ladder quickly, eventually become the Director of Business Development for the entire company.

Holly was doing very well as a mortgage broker, but she was an entrepreneur at heart. It wasn’t long before she founded her first company: a consulting business called Persona Elite, LLC. She learned a lot through her experience with this venture, but would eventually decide to take a step back from the professional world for a few years to raise her children. However, it didn’t take long for her to grow restless.

As soon as she was able, Holly began plotting her return to the entrepreneurial world. In 2016, with the support of her family, she obtained a resale license and founded Custom Expressions, LLC. Her second venture to date, she started from scratch, designing and creating all of her products herself. By 2017, Holly’s new venture was doing well enough that she was able to acquire a competing business, now known as Luv2Shop. Consolidating these businesses into a single enterprise under Custom Expressions, Holly sought to grow by developing a dynamic eCommerce platform to make her products as accessible as possible.

Herself a mother of 2, providing a simple, streamlined shopping experience to those who are pressed for time was very important to Holly. She has set clear organizational goals for Custom Expressions from the very beginning: to provide outstanding customer service and a quick, intuitive user experience to empower shoppers all across the country to shop from home. However, she also hopes that her story will serve as an inspiration to others never to give up on their goals. Her journey has not been without bumps and bruises, but she’s only getting started.