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We Can Help YOU Get Brand Recognition!


Let's face it, if no one knows who you are they aren't going to think of you when they need something you offer. Sure, you could do mailers, buy some ads, even promote on social media, but what's the ONE THING EVERY SINGLE PERSON SEES EVERY SINGLE DAY???  THEIR CLOTHES!!! 

If you put your logo with a catchy message on a shirt and pass them out like candy, I guarantee more people will call you! (It doesn't even have to be a serious message, it could be something funny!) You could even wrap your website address around your logo and have something catchy above it. Need help with this, contact us!  

The more people who see your logo, your brand, your company name,... the more times you swing the better chance of contact! You've Got To Get Your Name Out There! 

For example, take 10 shirts to the bar or to your kids little league game or anywhere and pass them out, maybe even with your card. I guarantee you it won't get thrown away like a mailer will! Do you throw away t-shirts you've gotten for free? I bet you have a drawer full of them you've collected over the years! And the shirt with your logo on it will go right into someones closet or dresser and they will wear that shirt whether it's just around the house, to mow the lawn or to run to the grocery store and people will see it constantly! The person who owns it will see it, the neighbors will see it, people at the store will see it!

Then what happens when you or your employee walks into the next sales call and the person they're meeting has already seen your company's logo or brand? It's instant recognition and credibility. You automatically have a foot-in!  What other type of marketing consistently delivers without you having to keep pushing it??? This is how you are going to earn brand recognition and get more people to do business with you!


Have You Heard Enough?  If So, Scroll On Down To The Bottom And Lets Get Started!


Custom Expressions Business Solutions delivers customized bulk items ranging from apparel to mugs and other promotional products for your Business, Athletic Team, Fundraising Organization, School, or any other group who needs custom apparel in bulk.

Custom Expressions will provide solutions, through our products and services, to fill any need you have.

We Are The One You Can RELY ON Week After Week, Year After Year!



So You May Already Work With A Printing Company!

 I understand! We assume you do! But you haven't worked with us and there's a big difference!

With Custom Expressions, You get the Personal Attention of a Small Business with the Quality & Efficiency of a Large one!

 Take a look at what we can offer you…

Reliable Customer Service

Customer Service is a huge deal to us and we know it’s a huge deal to you!

  • We will personally be available to you throughout the entire process to ensure every detail is perfect
  • Free delivery upon completion
  • Personal follow up within 24 hours
  • Direct Access for all future needs

Quick Turn Time

We can have your apparel completed within 4-10 business days from the time the design is approved. For extremely large orders, turn time may increase. However, we will provide the estimated window prior to production and expedited shipping is always an option.

Quality Products with Many Options

We use two different processes. One is called DTG printing or Direct To Garment Printing and the other is Screenprinting, which lasts vs some of the other companies who offer vinyl application or sublimation printing (those are fine but vinyl only lasts 6 months to a year at best and sublimation can only be printed on 100% polyester, which isn’t the most comfortable material).

 We offer 11 different brands and over 50 different styles with several options of material and print color variations.

Competitive Pricing

Lets face it, in this market you have to be competitive. Our prices range from $6 to $14 per item for bulk orders of 25 or more. For orders 24 or less, our prices range between $13 and $16 per item. You can learn more about the break down for specific items by contacting us today!

A Little About Our Company...

We’ve been in business since 2016. We developed a Local presence in The Franklin Shops in 2016 and we are still there and have grown into a larger space. In 2017, we took over another retail company, Luv2Shop, which is now a Division of Custom Expressions. We have had a presence selling custom apparel on Etsy and FB since 2016. We recently launched our new website,, which has been very successful, as well as our Ebay Business site, We have a following not only on FB but also on Instagram. Custom Expressions is also active on Pintrest and Twitter. We have consistently grown month over month and year over year and have plans to grow even further in the near future. Currently we are working on expanding our business accounts to help fill some of the needs that business like yours may have.